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As a trademark lawyer, I am on a mission to protect the heart and soul of businesses – their brand and intellectual property.

I believe in getting to know my clients and tailoring my services to their specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a fearless start-up looking to make your mark or a powerhouse corporation seeking to safeguard your trademarks, I am your go-to ally. Let’s join forces to ensure that what sets your business apart stays protected.

Daler Radjabov

Trademark Lawyer

Are you sick of copycats stealing your brand’s thunder? My law firm focuses on trademark registration services that give your brand the legal protection it deserves.

I believe in bold business mavericks like you, who push the limits and stand out in the crowd. I get it, your brand isn’t just a logo. It’s your identity and your chance to make a name for yourself.

Protect your brand and ensure your success with trademark registration. By registering your trademark, you can safeguard your intellectual property and prevent copycats from stealing what’s rightfully yours.

Don’t worry about the legal stuff. That’s my job. I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, clear communication, and a deep understanding of your business needs. My team will make sure your brand is not only legally protected but you are also fully satisfied with our service.

With this in mind, I’ve developed a legal framework that gives your brand legal powers. I called it …

Don’t Mess With My Brand™

Giving Your Brand Legal Powers

Don’t Mess With My Brand™ is my firm’s unique trademark registration service that helps startups, business owners, and corporations stand out in a crowded marketplace and get exclusive brand rights without dealing with complicated legal process, inaccurate paperwork, or lack of knowledge of specific legal requirements, all so they can pursue business growth, peace of mind, happiness, and make more money.



1. Intake and engagement

We will formally establish our representation and foster open communication to clarify the mutual expectations and responsibilities between you and our team. By engaging in a transparent and collaborative dialogue, we aim to create a comprehensive understanding of the legal process, while diligently capturing all necessary information. Our commitment to integrity and excellence sets the stage for a successful partnership and effective trademark protection.

2. Identifying classes and filing basis

We will identify the optimal trademark classes and select the most suitable filing basis to align with your business objectives. Our goal is to ensure that your brand receives robust protection and registration specifically tailored to the goods or services you intend to offer. By making strategic choices, we are committed to fortifying the legal foundation of your brand and enhancing its value.

3. Search and clearance

We will carry out a comprehensive trademark search to provide you with valuable insights into the availability and viability of your chosen trademark. By assessing the trademark landscape and identifying any potential conflicts or similarities, we aim to instill confidence in your trademark selection and proactively minimize the risk of future disputes or legal challenges. Your peace of mind is our priority.



4. Preparing and reviewing application

Our team will meticulously prepare and thoroughly review your trademark application to enhance its precision and accuracy. By carefully addressing every detail, we aim to minimize the likelihood of errors and mitigate the risk of objections or challenges from trademark examiner.

5.Filing and submitting the application form

We will manage the entire application submission process with the USPTO on your behalf. With our process, you can avoid the hassle of identity verification requirements and potential errors associated with USPTO formalities.

6. Monitoring the status

We will safeguard your trademark journey by diligently monitoring communications from the USPTO. We’ll take proactive measures to keep your contact information up to date, ensuring that you never miss any critical correspondence from the USPTO. Additionally, our team will equip you with the knowledge and tools to identify and steer clear of potential trademark scams, providing you with peace of mind and a secure path forward.



7. Responding to Office Actions

Our team is dedicated to safeguarding your trademark application from the risk of abandonment by proactively addressing and responding to any Office Actions issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You can navigate the trademark registration process confidently, without concerns about meeting USPTO deadlines or handling complex legal requirements.

8. Publication in the Trademark Official Gazette

Your trademark will be published in the esteemed Trademark Official Gazette, a key milestone in the registration process. This publication serves as a public notice of your trademark’s eligibility for registration and provides an opportunity for any interested parties to voice their concerns. You can take comfort in knowing that your mark has met the USPTO’s rigorous standards for registration, and it will proceed toward successful registration unless an opposition is filed by an individual or entity who believes they may be adversely affected by the registration of your trademark.

9. Review of post-registration issues

Congratulations, your trademark is now officially registered! As we move forward, our team will guide you through the crucial post-registration phase. We’ll provide you with essential information on how to monitor and ensure the proper use of your trademark, enforce your intellectual property rights, and maintain the validity of your registration over time. By staying vigilant and proactive, you can safeguard the integrity of your brand and secure its lasting value.

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