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Register your trademark to get the best protection for your brand.

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A registered U.S. trademark is a business asset.
Improperly filed application costs you time, money and your good name.

Not Sure if You Need to Register a Trademark?
See How Trademark Empowers Your Business

Use Nationwide

Exclusive rights to use your trademark in the United States

Protect Rights

Ability to enforce your trademark rights in the court of law

Verify Ownership

Trademark listed in the USPTO database proves your ownership

Prevent Fakes

Record with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and block import of fakes

Protect Worldwide

Apply for protection in other countries after receiving U.S. trademark

Use ® Legally

After registration you can legally use R in a circle symbol on your product

Hi, I am Daler!

I am a New York trademark lawyer.

I register trademarks for entrepreneurs that make an impact on society.

This allows me to work with amazing people that change the world through their products and services. Read more

My mission is to empower businesses through personalized and comprehensive intellectual property services, unlocking the possibilities for them to achieve new heights through their intellectual property assets.

Daler Radjabov, Esq.

How I Can Help Your Business

USPTO Recommends Hiring a U.S.-licensed Trademark Attorney

Attorney Required

If you reside overseas, USPTO requires an attorney licensed in U.S.

Legal Advice

Receive advice to critical legal issues related to your trademark application

Clearance Search

Find out the risks and possible challenges to registration.

Dedicated to the client

I’ve won the trust of my clients by providing the highest level of legal representation.

Improve chances

Increase your chances of getting the trademark registered by as much as 50%

Keep it simple

Trademark registration with U.S.-licensed attorney's help is simple, practical and affordable.

Let U.S.-licensed Trademark Attorney correctly apply for your trademark and handle the government correspondence while you focus on your business.

We empower world changing startups and creators through trademark ownership

Who are the “World Changers?”

World Changers are any people or businesses that create products or services that matter to other people and make their lives better.

World Changers have a vision to improve the lives of others in one way or another.

Daler Radjabov

Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

Do you want to provide maximum protection for your brand without dealing with complicated government paperwork and responses?

If so, you are in the right place.

You have probably read that registering a trademark is really important for your business, but all you’ve seen so far is complicated paperwork, office actions and refused registrations after many months of waiting?

I am here to help you overcome all of that.

Radjabov Law Firm is where business owners from all over the world turn to to get their comprehensive trademark searches and applications done, overcome office actions and finally get the registration for their trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

You’ve seen the ads for cheap trademark registration services. You’ve seen the myriad of do-it-yourself sites that promise to get you trademark for the cost of one cheap sweater. When I saw them myself, I thought: “Wow, what a great deal!” But after careful review, I saw many unresponded office actions, refused trademark registrations and months of lost time.

Radjabov Law Firm is here to make your life less complicated when it comes to trademark registrations.

You do not need to worry about hidden lawyer fees.

You do not need to worry if your trademark can be legally protected;

You won’t need to make comprehensive searches for existing trademarks, to see what your chances of registration are;

You do not need to know how to accurately and completely file for your trademark application, or what identification numbers to use for your goods or services;

You do not need to worry if the required specimen you provide is the correct one;

You do not need to know how to respond to office actions (dreaded inquiries and refusals from USPTO) and waste months of time;

This is what we do and let me show you how.

How Radjabov Law Firm registers your trademark

Remember the non-law-firm do-it-yourself sites I mentioned above?

A lot of them charge you a low fee upfront.

The so called trademark experts tell you that applying is easy and takes about 5 minutes. It may be easy to get started, but not so easy to finish.

Once you get an inquiry from the USPTO (and majority of applicants do), you need to pay more to get more help. You need to pay a lot more than if you were to hire a lawyer.

This is an insane way of registering a trademark! A few get the results they wanted.

If you want to register your trademark properly, you need to do these 5 things:

Figure out if your trademark is registrable and strong enough.Identify trademark format and what goods/services it belongs to.Conduct comprehensive trademark search to uncover any potential conflicts with other marks.Prepare and submit your application on the correct basis.Respond to office actions and any other inquiries from USPTO
Allow me to explain.

As you can see, the process can get a little complicated.

For example, doing a comprehensive search for conflicts sometimes takes reviewing dozens of databases, while checking for identical/similar marks, phonetic similarity, abbreviations and acronyms and other similarities.

Or, do you really want to spend hours and days researching law and cases in order to draft a reply to an office action related to likelihood of confusion of your mark with another trademark?

The better way to register a trademark is to do it correctly from start to finish.

If you start the application by yourself or through the do-it-yourself non-lawyer sites, you risk encountering issues that you will not be able to resolve easily.

Asking a lawyer to fix your already pending or refused application will probably cost you a lot more than if you had started with a lawyer in the first place.

And consider the months you will lose undoing the damage.

Fortunately, using our “secure goodwill” method, we can take care of the entire application process outlined above, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. All for one flat fee.

Through our unique trademark application process, you will be able to start taking advantage of the goodwill that your company will generate over the lifetime of the business.

The goodwill of your brand will play an important role in evaluating the value of your business in the long term, should you ever decide to sell your business or assign the rights.

Doing the trademark registration correctly is the first step you can take to securing the goodwill of your brand.

About Daler Radjabov
(the founder of Radjabov Law Firm, PLLC)

Radjabov Law Firm was founded by Daler Radjabov, a New York-licensed attorney.

Daler has spent several years working in the legal education sector at a New York non-profit. There, using his technology skills, he has contributed to establishing an online educational platform that has been used by thousands of attorneys throughout New York, New Jersey, other states and countries.

Passionate about businesses that make an impact on society, Daler has decided to start his own virtual law firm to serve their needs.

He focuses his practice on trademark registrations because that allows him to work with many amazing people that change the world through their products and services. Although he is licensed in New York State, he can serve clients from all over the United States and worldwide. This is because U.S. trademark law is a federal matter.

Daler has presented seminars for attorneys on cybersecurity, social media, no code and use of technology at law firms.

"I am your trusted advisor. Many business law firms will complete the services for you and move on. My goal, however, is to establish a transformational relationship and not merely a transactional relationship with my clients. Please do not hesitate to get in touch as I am here to serve you."

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
– Steve Jobs

Who are the “World Changers?”

World Changers are any people or businesses that create products or services that matter to other people and make their lives better.

World Changers have a vision to improve the lives of others in one way or another.

You do not chase happiness for the sake of being happy, but you find great satisfaction in being useful to others.

Your customers are not there to make a difference for you.

You are there to serve them and make a difference for them. You genuinely love people.

As a result of your service to your customers through the products and services that bring value, you get monetarily rewarded for your efforts.

Your efforts raise public awareness of unfulfilled needs in your community or your market. This causes others to join you in making an impact.

Although you live in the dog-eat-dog world, you overcame the pursuit of profits-first and commoditization of your products, and you create true value that creates a goodwill.

You care about your communities, and you build relationships with those outside of your immediate circle.

You are remarkable and you get people to talk about your hustles.

You build your brands on passion because you believe in the work you do. You sell hopes and dreams with the higher purpose of changing the world.

You strive to be legit, not fake it till you make it. You strive to be your authentic self that craves to be expressed. Your approach to business is ethical and honorable.

You solve interesting problems. If you don’t know the answer to something, you figure it out. You learn the necessary skills or you find the right people to resolve those problems.

You think about your legacy; not the type of legacy where you worry about what riches you will leave for your children, but how your children will keep on doing the good work you or they started.

You are charitable and compassionate and seek out those in your community who are charitable to double the impact. You give to those who are in need and you do not expect anything in return.

You are hungry. You will not stop thinking about improving the world until your last breath. You are always on your way to the next level.

You have methodology for everything you do and you improve upon it.

You are small and you don’t chase to become the next unicorn; your focus is first to resolve a problem for your friend or a neighbor.

If the above describes you or your business, you are a World Changer!

Let's take your company to the next level by applying for a trademark

"I am your trusted advisor. Many business law firms will complete the services for you and move on. My goal, however, is to establish a transformational relationship and not merely a transactional relationship with my clients. Please do not hesitate to get in touch as I am here to serve you."

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About Radjabov Law Firm, PLLC

Radjabov Law Firm, PLLC was founded by New York-licensed attorney Daler Radjabov. The virtual law firm is based out of New York City and serves clients from around the world.

Daler focuses his practice on trademark registrations and seeks to work with entrepreneurs that change the world through their products and services.

Daler has presented seminars on cybersecurity and use of technology at law firms.

We welcome your inquires. Please send us a message via email and we will get back to you shortly. Our preferred method of contact is by email, as it allows us to serve you faster and more efficiently.

Radjabov Law Firm, PLLC

New York trademark law firm for world changers

Flat Fee Includes:

1 trademark application for 1 class of goods or services filed by US-licensed attorney;
Search for conflicting marks in USPTO database
Response to all (substantive and non-substantive) office actions from USPTO;
Legal opinion with recommendations on whether a proposed trademark is available to use;
Customer service via email, chat, text, phone
Attorney's fees are refundable until legal service is provided

Start Your Trademark Application!

After payment, you will be redirected to form where you can share more details about your business


+ $300 Filing Fee

Fees are treated as the law firm's own until refund is requested or services are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is going to file my trademark application?

Daler Radjabov, attorney licensed in New York, will file your trademark application. You or your business does not need to have presence in New York.

Do I really need an attorney?

The only time you must have an attorney licensed in the US is when you have a foreign residence. For other cases, trademark attorney can provide you with a valuable research and advice in applying for your trademark, answer office actions (inquiries) from USPTO and address legal challenges to registration. Filling out a trademark application is only a first step in the journey of acquiring trademark rights.

Is my trademark registration guaranteed?

Registration is not guaranteed, we make no such guarantees and any one who does, is not being honest with you. The United States Patent and Trademark Office may deny the registration if certain legal issues cannot be overcome or if there is already a conflicting mark.

When will I get my trademark?

It can take 6+ months to get your trademark registration. That is why having it done the right way is very important.

Do I need to do a trademark search?

Doing a trademark search is highly recommended before you file a trademark application. If you start branding different aspects of your business, such as products, marketing materials and offices, without conducting a conflict search, you could up end wasting thousands of dollars when an existing competitor with a similar name to yours sues you for trademark infringement and forces you to change the name of your products or services.

What if I have multiple trademarks to protect?

Please fill out a form for each separate trademark you want to register and pay the legal and government fee. If you only want to add a logo for the same brand, there will be an additional $200 legal fee + $275 filing fee per class. If you need to file for more than one class of goods or services on the same application, we will send you a separate bill for $300 per additional class (which includes the $275 government fee + $25 for legal fee). Most clients only file for 1 class. We will communicate and confirm everything with you before we file and bill you.

What if someone opposes my registration or sends a cease and desist letter?

The attorney's fee for trademark application does not include litigation or appeals before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. To address those issues, you can retain us at the rate of $300 per hour. We will not initiate any responses to the opposition or litigation without first confirming with you.

I have more questions

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Where should I email you about your trademark application?

Daler Radjabov