Asking A Private Jet Billionaire How To Make $1,000,000

Noah Kagan (Appsumo) had a mission to hitchhike on a private jet and after many rejections, he finally succeeded with the help of some entrepreneurs he met. He was able to tour a private jet and eventually fly to Boston with James, a self-made millionaire who made his fortune trading energy commodities. The millionaire was a former nuclear engineer in the Navy and got into finance after getting his MBA. He recommends finding a niche and delivering more value than others to have success like his. The millionaire also discussed his thoughts on the economy, how to handle finances, and his cheapness when it comes to food. He emphasized the importance of eating well and being around healthy and vibrant people. He mentioned key inflection moments in his life, such as joining the Navy, as crucial to his success.

The speaker dropped out of college and was working at UPS when he decided to join the Navy. He believes that some of the most spontaneous decisions he’s made have been the best. He was fired from a job at Xcel Energy but used it as motivation to start his own business and compete against Xcel Energy. He now has a private jet and the ability to travel for work and leisure. He believes that success is down to the ability to build relationships and being efficient with time. He is starting to work again but is careful about budgeting his time and balancing his business, relationships, and personal life.

The speaker talks about the importance of taking care of oneself and balancing one’s life. They regret working too hard and not having the right balance in their life, as it took a toll on their family and relationships. They believe that taking risks and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is necessary for growth and success. The speaker also mentions that they have learned from various successful people and books, and prefer practical learning over academics. They believe that the US needs more of a risk-taking mentality, and that people should focus more on their local community and relationships.

The speaker discusses the importance of taking care of oneself, both physically and mentally. They believe that investing in one’s physical health has many benefits, including better emotional well-being and improved financial success. The speaker also believes that society should prioritize physical health and that the economy will shift towards an interpersonal economy where people help each other. The speaker also touches on the concept of trauma and its effects on the body and encourages others to be kind to themselves. The speaker also mentions their plans for the future and their desire to be part of the solution to the problems they see in society. They believe that if people with wealth and resources used their resources to solve problems, there would be fewer problems. Lastly, the speaker encourages others to make their work their lifestyle and to surround themselves with great people.

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